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On May 2012, I and my family decided to visit Singapore. There are a lot of interesting places in Singapore. Therefore, this time I’m gonna tell everyone about Universal Studios Singapore (USS). Universal studios were launched on 2010. There consists 7 zones, Hollywood, New york, Sci-fi city, Ancient Egypt, Lost world, Far Far away and Madagascar. There are also have Hollywood Dreams parade and Lake Hollywood spectacular for Park Entertainment.

Upon arriving there, my parents were line to buy a ticket for us. The USS opens daily from 10am until 7pm. Entrance fees are from S$74 for adults, S$54 for children and S$58 for senior citizen (65 and above). My aunty were already bought us express ticket, so we don’t have to queue to play their games. The express ticket were cost RM150 per tickets. My aunty bought 7 express ticket for all of us.
My family potraits

Taking pcture with this fluffy blue elmo

Taking picture with this fluffy red elmo

First, we reached to the Sci-fi City. There are  3 attraction in this zones, Transformer the ride, Accelerator and Human and Cylon roller-coaster. The best in this zones were transformer, the guest must be 102cm in height, children 102 to 122cm must be accompanied by supervising companion. Guest that have sickness, dizziness and pregnant should not ride.

The character from the transformer
After that, we all go to the Human roller-coaster. The roller-coaster was scariest for us even not to height but we all feel so scary to ride again. After ride human roller-coaster we not brave enough to ride another roller coaster, Cylon.

Human and Cylon Roller-Coaster 

Infront of Far Far Away Castle

Next, we   go to the next zones that consists 2 attraction. First is the revenge of the mummy. Guest must be least 122cm in height to be ride. This park have roller-coaster to be ride in. this roller-coaster is the most scariest roller-coaster and many shocked part in this revenge of the mummy. Second attraction in this zone were treasure hunters. Children under 122cm must be accompanied by supervising companion.

Taking picture with Firaun

Moving on, next we stop at the Hollywood zones. There are many interesting things in this zones. Many unique things like a old cars, a hollywoods celebrities. Next, we go to the lost world zones. There are 4 attraction in this zones which is Jurassic park adventure, Dino soarin, amber rock climb and canopy flyer. The lost world zones many wet part but we enjoy playing in this zones.
It was late in the afternoon, the last zones that we still be able to is Madagascar. Madagascar was my favourite cartoon. I’m very excited to meet Madagascar there. Alex was my favourite character in this movie. My family and I bought some souvenirs for friends. 
Very crowded in Hollywood zones

Antique Car

Me and my cousin taking pictures with penguin of Madagascar

My family taking picture with Gloria

Last but not least, I had a very great time here even we not able to visit all zones. I was very tired at the end of the day, but it was worth it. Universal Studios Singapore (USS) is a definitely a must go places. Enjoyed myself here and I am really looking forward to coming back here soon.  

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