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In February 2012 during the Chinese New Year holiday, my family went to London, Manchester and Liverpool in England and Paris in France for 8 days trip. Since we had not visited England and France before, the trip was well planned for few months since end of 2013, buying air tickets, accommodation and tourist guides. Our main itinerary mainly visiting tourist attraction places and football clubs in London, Manchester and Liverpool. Our non-stop flight from Kuala Lumpur to Gatwick Airport, London took 13 hours to touch down. By the time we arrived, all of us were exhausted and tired due to long journey. We arrived in London after 9.00 o’clock in the evening and was fetched by our tourist guide, Encik Mohd Kamel, a University Malaysia Sabah’s lecturer pursuing his doctorate in engineering at Sheffield University. 

The Landing Card

On the 2nd day trip, we were taken to visit interesting places in London and few football clubs namely Chelsea FC, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, Aston Villa, Wembley Stadium and Harrods Shopping Mall. We managed to spend the whole day visiting the stadiums located in London and bought some souvenirs to take home.

Chelsea football stadium

Arsenal football stadium

My family photos in front of Harrods Shopping Mall

 The next day, we visited Stonehenge, a historical stones during the stone age, London Bridge, Big Ben, Tower of London, Eye of London and Madam Tussauds. Although all of us very tired visiting one place to another by underground tube, we felt satisfied for able to visit many places.

My family photos at stonehenge
The beautiful London Bridge

The BigBen

Eye of London

 We continued our journey on the 4rd day tour by travelling to Paris, France. We travelled to Paris by Eurostar Train from London and the journey took 2 hours.  In Paris, we took the opportunity visiting many well known places including the Eifel Tower and shopping malls and return to London taking the last train at 9.30 o’clock in the evening.

safely arrived at France

The Eiffel Tower

 The next day, we travelled to Manchester by van. The journey took almost 3 hours from London to Manchester and along the way, we stopped at certain cities and places for visiting and shopping. Upon arrival, we visited Manchester City Football Club and spent about one hour there. After that, we continued our journey to Manchester United Football Club located at Old Trafford and took part a tour inside the stadium and spent almost two hours at the club.
Inside of manchester united Stadium

 On the same afternoon, we continued our journey to Liverpool and along the way we stopped at the city of Birmingham for shopping at many factory outlets. The winter sale prices were quite reasonable and there were many choices of goods and clothes for the shoppers to buy. Liverpool is located at the seaside and  a port and finally we arrived Liverpool city at late night. On the 6th day tour, we visited Liverpool Football Club at Anfield and bought some souvenirs. We did not take part in the stadium tour as we did in Manchester. We also visited Everton Football Club located not very far from Liverpool Football Club, Liverpool Museum, The Beatles Museum as the Beatles pop group hailed from Liverpool. On the last day, we return to London visited other interesting places such as Trafalgar Square and Westminster Palace.

Infront of Liverpool football Stadium

The Beatles Stadium

 After spending few hours visiting and shopping, we proceeded to the Gatwick Airport for return flight to Kuala Lumpur. In winter, the daytime was shorter, as a result, we could not visit other interesting places in London. We hope to come again one day during summer or spring vacation.

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